Mari Winsor's Original Winsor Pilates

Originally created for Hollywood celebrities by Mari Winsor, these workouts have helped millions of people around the world to lose weight, trim and tone hips, thighs and glutes, and achieve their fitness goals.

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Mari Winsor's Original Winsor Pilates

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★★★★★"I've lost an inch on each thigh, an inch around my hips, and an inch around my butt. Four inches in two weeks... it's real and it's awesome. My butt is HIGHER than it was before [and] I can see it when I compare my before pictures to my current pictures... I think these results are fantastic!" -

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★★★★★"Mari's Pilates routines are my calming evening workouts and 20 minutes really is enough to feel better, improve posture, strength and flexibility, and see great toning results in one's physique! The combination of both programs really deliver, yet they're relaxing to do and no equipment needed either...genius!!"

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★★★★★Pilates is great for anyone, any shape, any age.. life changing! I'll be thirty in two months and this is the greatest shape I have ever been in!

-Five Star Amazon Review

★★★★★I had ten lbs to lose when I started and [with] a diet change plus Pilates it melted off, and I had abs in just three weeks!! My legs are taking a bit longer but I know they're toning up before inches come off. My arms and abs are perfect thanks to these Pilates [routines] and by my birthday, my legs will too!!!!

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Mari Opened her Winsor Pilates Studio in Los Angeles, California and quickly become Hollywood's best kept secret for starts to keep themselves fit and camera athletes, and famous musicians.

When Mari launched her exercise videos, she made Pilates avaliable to anyone. Millions dicovered how Mari's simple and effective routines could lead them on the path to fitness. Mari dedicated her life to showing everyone how Pilates can improve your life and wellbeing.

Mari is classically trained in Pilates, she earned her certification in the 1992 of the true technique of Joseph Pilates after studying with Romana Kryzanowska and continued her studies with her until Kryzanowska's death in 2013. Mari co-authored three books, sold millions of Pilates videos and DVDs, and has been featured in top media outlets and magazines.

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The Win in 10 Mealplan for a Healthier lifestyle

Winsor Pilates Founder Mari Winsor is known as a true Pilates pioneer and considered one of the best Pilates instructors in the world, with decades spent training Hollywood's biggest stars.

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Winsor Pilates founder Mari Winsor is known as a true Pilates pioneer and considered one of the best training Hollywood's biggest stars.

With over 50 million workouts sold, you now can experience every timeless, incredibly-effective Winsor Pilates routine, right from home!

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